Star Wars lightsabers hold 1GB of data

I won’t ever buy these Star Wars lightsabers USB flash drives. Not that these 5-inch flash drives aren’t cool, I’d just never risk touching a lightsaber at the wrong end. The lightsaber flash drive holds 1 GB of data and costs $20. Geeky Gadgets

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Hasbro Shows Flying R/C Millennium Falcon

The Millenium Falcon will soon fly, and you’ll always be in full control. Hasbro recently announced a remote controlled flying version of the millenium Falcon. To be availabl later this year, it measures 11″ x 8″ and costs $50. NerdApproved

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Star Wars Speakers Disguised As Lamps

It’s a bit odd that these figures be shaped like lamps, and even be the size of lamps, when in fact they have nothing to do with light. The lamp-like Darth Vader and Stormtrooper are actually speakers waiting to be connected to an mp3 player. SlipperyBrick

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What Vader Wants: Lightsaber mp3 Player

At times when Vader has nothing to do, he would probably like to listen to music from this “officially licensed” lightsaber mp3 player. Star Wars Lightsaber Kei MP3 Player is available in 2 forms, each about 3-inches long, with USB connectivity and the ability to play music by means of a microSD card. Costs $24. …

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LEGO Star Wars Rebel Frigate Is A Giant

And by giant I mean a 4 feet 6 inch model of the classic Nebulon-B Class rebel frigate Redemption. With a size like that, the frigate can easily dock a mini-Millennium Falcon and three X-Wings. Now that’s nifty! Gizmodo

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Oh R2-D2… You Are What You Eat

It’s like the thing with “you are what you eat” coming true. I don’t exactly remember R2-D2 drinking Heineken, but so seems to be the case. Anyways, this R2-D2 figure is made of a Heineken mini-keg and some industrial materials. And it’s cool! The Jailbreak and FreshBump

Light Saber Chopsticks Make You An Ultimate Warrior

The bravest in the Star Wars universe may use lightsabers for fights and kicking the hell out of enemies, but they would never want to mess with someone who uses the dangerous weapon as chopsticks. These Chop Sabers imitate Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s light sabers and are nine-inches long. LikeCool

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Art Makes Darth Vader Go Pink!

Goddamnit Darth Vader! Art or no art, what are you doing in pink? Proving that art really has no boundaries, Pop Artists “decorated” Darth Vader in all sort of weird colors as part of “The Vader Project” exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum. The Evil Galactic Empire isn’t going to be amused.TrendHunter

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