Star Trek TNG Replica Costumes

Get your cosplay right to the last detail with these Star Trek TNG costumes. ThinkGeek says the tunic has been made using original patterns sourced from CBS archives, so this is as authentic as it gets. Made from high quality gabardine cotton and polyester blends, the tunics are officially licensed replicas. You would get your cosplay right, but you will have to spend $230 on each piece. Probably worth it.

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Warnog Officially Licensed Klingon Beer

Going where no man has gone before would definitely involve some other goodies beyond the action in Star Trek. That would be getting to chug booze and bear at the final frontier. Relations between the Federation and Klingons should be improving, because we’re now about to start a licensed production of Klingon beer. Klingon Warnog …

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Starfleet TOS Panties

Available in gold, red, and blue, the pack of three starfleet TOS panties has the Starfleet insignia on the left hip. Costs $30.

Star Trek Themed House

Star Trek themed house

Canada’s Line Rainville has a solid love for Star Trek, and it shows itself in the appearance of her house. A fan of the original 1960s series, and of William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Rainville transformed her home into elements from the series.

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Spock Crew Sock with Ears

Spock crew sock with ears is one interesting item, although we haven’t been quite able to figure if the “ears” are printed on the fabric, or they happen to be appendages sticking out of the socks itself. The latter would admittedly be cooler, and perhaps that is exactly what these socks are about. Costs $12.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

star trek uss enterprise glassware set

A set of four etched glasses inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series, the glasses carry insignia of the Starfleet Command Division and include the words U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. The set is priced at $30.

Star Trek ‘Navigraphic’ Takes an Interactive Journey to the Star Trek Universe

This navigation infographic or “navigraphic” takes the viewer on a journey of the Star Trek universe through three replica bridges for The Enterprise, that appear depending on the universe or setting you choose. Once on the Enterprise of your choice, you can take a look at three technologies from the specific Star Trek world, and their modern analogs, getting a sense of how close to Star Trek technology our world really is.

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