NCAA Football Helmet Portable Bluetooth Speakers

These portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speakers include built-in speakerphone, microphone and a powerful sub-woofer. The battery runs for eight hours, so that’s plenty for parties and fun. They are available in several flavors, and in three sizes. Prices range from $99.95 for Small, $199.95 for Medium size, and $399.95 for Large speakers. Available on Amazon.

Bulldog iPhone Speakers

If the iPhone’s going to bark, it is going to do it in style through a glasses wearing hipster bulldog. That is what the AeroBull does, it is a sweet speaker forged into the shape of a glass wearing bull dog that hums the tunes from your iPhone.

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Jawbone Goes Smaller With the Mini Jambox

Jawbone just condensed the size of the Jambox to make it a Mini. This one is meant to be your portable companion, measuring just 6″ by 2 1/4″ by 1″. Of course, it is meant to go with your smartphone and other capable devices, while all the time making headphones and earbuds feel bad. Its tiny size includes a pair of acoustic stereo drivers, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, 10 hours of continuous playback, built in microphone, and connectivity via Bluetooth or audio jack.

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Empire Steam Steampunk Speakers

A set of custom made speakers, the Empire “Steam” Steampunk duo is meant for those who enjoy the goodness of Steampunk, and have big money to spend for their Steampunk pleasure. Standing three feet tall, each speaker has a 1.5-inch thick granite top, and weighs in at 125 pounds. At the business end, the speakers have a high quality innards in the shape of two Vifa 1-inch silk dome sealed back tweeters, Pyle 5-inch sealed back midrange, Goldwood 15-inch heavy duty down firing woofer and Eminence 3-Way speaker crossover.

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Zooka Wireless Speakers for the iPad

Accessories for portable devices like the iPad are worth any good if they don’t hinder the portability of the gadget itself. Oh, and look good doing their part. We’ll say the Zooka fits the bill pretty nice. It can connect to the device by means of a 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth. The speaker is …

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Vintage Radios Upcycled Into Fantastic iPhone Speakers

The inherent retro goodness and nostalgia we find with gadgetry of the past makes things like these appear all the more desirable. Los Angeles-based electrician and artist Devin Ward apparently understands that well. Devin makes use of old electric vintage radios, adding new components and parts to them and making them functional with present day technology. Essentially, these “radios” have vintage aesthetics but modern technology. They are compatible with any device that has a 3.5 mm audio jack.

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ThumbTacks Microphone

Compatible with the iPod/iPhone and presumably any device that accepts a 3.5mm audio jack, the Switcheasy ThumbTacks microphone is a tiny, bare-essentials attachment that takes care of playing audio. The quality of music probably won’t be awesome, but it does get the job done. Costs $13.