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Skyrim Weapons and Armor Forged In The Real World

Artist Fokenstal has created replicas of weapons, armor and items from Skyrim. Coming straight out of the Elder Scrolls, the weapons and gear seem to be painstakingly created and elaborate. The good news is that you can buy these goodies at the artist’s shop.

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Dovahkiin Full Daedric Armor From Skyrim Recreated

When you see someone out of Skyrim dressed in full daedric armor, you’ve got to know that’s the work of ZERIOS88. Look at the detail on that thing and marvel.

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Why Skyrim is More Likable Than Real Life [comic]

That is pretty strong logic.



Skyrim Valentine

Oh, to be in love.

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Skyrim With My Little Pony [video]

What do dragons have in common with “my little pony”? Absolutely nothing. That is what makes this mod so weird. Someone replaced dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with My Little Ponies. This is so wrong! Files for the mod can be downloaded over at SkyrimNexus.

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Skyrim Inspired Dragon Backpack

My fellow gamers, this is our cue to drool. Bob Basset, the Ukrainian guy we see here likely made use of his vision to see the future. There, his wise soul saw the elder scrolls and he set on making this superb dragon bag, even before Skyrim was released. We especially like the touch of keeping the cell phone in the beast’s jaws.


Skyrim Bacon Helmet

Since people can’t help adding bacon to nearly everything they see (not that we’re complaining). Reddittor Liktwo made this helmet for two things Reddit likes most, Bacon and Skyrim. Of course that doesn’t leave much room for another Reddit favorite, the Narwhals.