Skull Candle Bleeds Through Its Eyes

The season of scary is never out of season, especially when you can get something as simple as a candle to do bidding of the evil overlords. Once you light the skull candle, red wax flows out through the skull’s eyes giving an appearance of blood. Not to mention, the hollow eyes of the skull show a raging inferno within. Costs £20 ($33).

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Skeleton Motorcycle Helmet

Be a badass on wheels when you wear a skeleton for a helmet. It’s bright red and way too shiny, but you could probably make do with one until you can get your hands on something that looks like the real deal. Available on Amazon.

Skull Chair Has a Soulmate in the Brain Ottoman

Skulls go exceptionally well with brains, which is the reason I always prefer to keep my brain firmly in the skull. Sometimes it is a little too tight, but mostly, I’m okay. This love affair of skull and brain has taken the next step where they’re together as furniture. Artist/designer Vladi Rapaport has crafted a combo of a skull chair and brain ottoman, both destined to be together just like god intended.

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Skull Mask Biker Helmet is a Thoroughbred Badass

In the grand scheme of things, some items are created for the sole purpose of being badass and spreading the gospel of badassery. Case in point: This skull mask biker helmet that was seen at the Harley Davidson National Rally in China. Or that’s just the Ghost Rider who totally forgot about concealing his identity. …

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Spend a Fortune on Door Handles For Halloween Decoration

We doubt Philip Watts Design made the Skull Door Handles especially with Halloween in mind, but it’s the season so we’re going to assume they were. The stylish and spunky door handles come in the choices of aluminium, bronze, brass and Swarovski crystal, with a price tag that sticks at $800 for the aluminum version and rises to $1600 for the Swarovski version. Nevermind the cost, we’re pretty sure Count Dracula wouldn’t ever get cheap, run-off-the-mill stuff for his spooky castle.

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