Hydroflex Skateboards Show Color To Go With the Flow

If high end skateboards are your thing, you’re going to like the new Hydroflex Skateboards. Built out of foam, fiberglass and resin, the constituents take a honeycomb-like shape to keep the skateboard together. While presenting a pleasing effect in itself, the honeycomb shape also provides structural benefits to the skateboard. The propreitary technology also allowing for customizable colors that blend in and radiate through the structure to give the skateboards their unique look. They’re currently offering three models for the skateboards, a micro cruiser, mini cruiser and a longboard. Available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

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Things Made Fun: Skateboard Stroller

Stroller don’t have to be lame, they could be cool provided you remember to secure the baby. Skateboard Stroller, aka Longboard Stroller has the infant sitting on and nicely secured to the skateboard while you can join the kid on the skateboard. Designed by Studio Peter van Riet NV and Quinny, this one definitely holds some promise of fun times. As we know, children love an outing to the arena.

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India Within [video]

Kilian Martin’s India Within is a short that gives us a glimpse of India in a very unorthodox style where skateboards play a big role in unlikely destinations.

Skateboarding at 1000 FPS [video]

Photographer Adam Shomsky makes skateboarding look real easy in this video, which it would be if we could get rid of that certain something called gravity. Or just manipulate time at will.

Skateboards Inspired by the Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the longest running and most successful series. These skateboards decked with Simpsons motifs probably will find favor with fans, if only for their intriguing inspiration. Via Santa Cruz, PSFK

A house made entirely for the joy of skateboarding

To be constructed in Malibu, California, this fully skateboarding-friendly house has been designed by Gil Le Bon Delapointe and Francois Perrin. You could go through most of the house on a skateboard. Even the furniture decides to side with skateboards in this house, making it one of the coolest places ever. The house has been commissioned by pro skater and Etnies founder Pierre-Andre Senizergue. The images are of the prototype of the house that was presented at La Gaite Lyrique museum in Paris.

Via Architizer, Toxel

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