Powerlace sneakers auto-lace without the pesky batteries and motors

It’s about time the prophecy of Back to the Future came true. Well, it’s 2015, and the hoverboard seems far away, but thankfully, we do have those sweet auto-lace shoes from Nike. As much as Nike’s idea does look like that in the movie, it’s more desirable to do that auto-lacing thing better. That’s exactly what the Powerlace sneakers intend to do. It looks like a regular shoe, and has a solid auto-lace mechanism that does not depend on motors, batteries, and springs.

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Bird Inspired Shoes Have Heels Like Bird Feet

These bird inspired shoes take up the mantle of going from a tad strange to a whole new level of weird. The range starts with shoes that have slightly weird shape and bird claw-like heels. Then the range progresses into shoes that look increasingly like a bird, until you run into a shoe where you would feel like you’re shoving your foot into a taxidermied bird.

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Cat Shoes!

Cat Shoes are a joint venture of Vans and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (ASPCA). Via

Clawz Are Crocs With Large Toenails

Crocs have such a negative connotation, let’s make it all better by adding claws for toenails. That way, we have Clawz, which are definitely not crocs because they got big toenails and they are spelled different. So now that this marketing hurdle has been solved with such ingenuity, what do we do next?

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Adidas Shows the World’s First Knit Football Boot

Adidas is soon going to release the limited edition Samba Primeknit boot. The new shoe is claimed to have all the strength and stability you would expect from a football boot, but will weigh less and use fewer materials. The shoe has been produced from yarn, and according to Adidas is the company’s most environmentally sustainable boot till date.

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Pixar Themed Nike Shoes

Wonderful Pixar themed Nike shoe designs by Rachael Loraine. As wisdom says, all good things in life are illegal, married, or just concepts. These belong to the last category.