Watch This Samurai Slice a 100mph Fastball

If you think this isn’t awesome, you need to take some time, reflect on your choices and then declare this Samurai’s skills to be awesome. Mostly because any other answer would be wrong. The guy you see is master swordsman Isao Machii, who gets a fastball headed his way at 100mph. In a split second, that fast ball is two bowls.

Samurai Kitchen Knives

The code of the warrior should not be forgotten in the kitchen. In a world where fruit ninjas abound, the Samurai definitely get to show their skills in the kitchen. Besides, being a kitchen samurai is so much better than being a regular person chopping veggies and crying over onions. Samurai don’t cry, not even for when chopping onions. The set of knives costs £39.95 ($61.3).

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This Samurai Can Slice Through Speeding Bullets

Popular culture often presents Samurais as warriors and heroes who perform such daring feats that would be near impossible for most humans. Modern day Samurai Isao Machii however comes pretty close. This headmaster of Samurai school is so good that he can pull out his sword and slice a speeding pellet in half. This presents not only just super quick responses, but also an inhuman aim. Checkout the video and be prepared to be blown away.

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When machine rise, washing machines will be Samurai

Obviously, no one has ever thought of washing machines as a threat thereby affording them as an ideal camouflage. But when the day comes for the rising of the machines, washing machines will be at the forefront as Samurai, kicking meatbag ass. Thanks to the efforts of Nikola Nikolov who created these masterful Samurai sculptures from recycled washing machine drums, we now know what machines are up to.

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Samurai underwear with warrior armor design

I can’t really think of something against these Samurai underwears. They come in warrior armor design and match the armor of some of the best known Samurai like Masayuki Sanada, Naomasa Ii, Nobunaga Oda and Shingen Takeda. The price is a bit on the high side at $183. Via: JapanTrendsShop