Viagra laced beer, for getting high and staying there

Scotland based brewery BrewDog has come up with Viagra-laced beer to commemorate the Prince Wiliam – Kate Middleton wedding. Royal Virility Performance beer has been laced with Viagra and a series of known aphrodisiacs, and the company claims that drinking this beer will have the same effect as downing a Viagra pill. The company has …

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Air from the royal wedding to be sold in bottles!

You know you have become a hardcore salesman when you can sell “air” to people. Either that, or idiocracy is right around the corner. A UK based company has announced that it will sell bottles of Royal Wedding Day Air. Apparently, trained professionals in London will go around collecting samples of the air, which will …

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Man gets William and Kate tattoos on his teeth

Barmy Baz Franks, a plumber from England, got his teeth tattooed with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s faces. The man spent £1,000 (~$1700) and six hours in a dentist’s chair to get the tattoos. Via: DAS, BuzzFeed

iPhone cases for Prince William and Kate royal wedding

There’s a frenzy of products based on the Prince William and Kate royal wedding, and we’ve been trying to side-step the noise. But it isn’t that easy, is it? We’ll bite the bullet this time with these William and Kate wedding iPhone cases from Case-Mate. The cases are available in four designs, and work with …

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