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Skyrim Weapons and Armor Forged In The Real World

Artist Fokenstal has created replicas of weapons, armor and items from Skyrim. Coming straight out of the Elder Scrolls, the weapons and gear seem to be painstakingly created and elaborate. The good news is that you can buy these goodies at the artist’s shop.


Fans Make 1:2 Scale Replica of Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

A team of German Star Wars fans at Project X1 Props have created a very detailed, and very impressive 1:2 scale replica of Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter. Set for unveiling at the Star Wars – Celebration Europe, the fighter cost $20,000 to build and used up very wisely spent 1000 man hours.

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Life-size Iron Man Figure

A life size Iron Man watching over you might be quite the setting for fans of the franchise. While the billionaire Tony Stark would be difficult to persuade into such a job, a 7-foot replica of Iron Man inspired by the latest movie sounds like a favorable replacement. A reproduction of the Mark 42 suit, it includes LED light-up eyes, arc reactor, palms, display base and high gloss automotive paint finish. It is currently available for pre-order with a $1700 deposit for a total cost of $8500.

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Real Life Buster Sword Replica

It is only in fiction that people can get away with using giant swords for real weapons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have replicas in real life. Of course they’d be worse than useless in combat, but who cares when they look so awesome. Mike Schropp made this Final Fantasy VII Buster sword replica out of a whole lot of wood, and finished it to give it this magnificent look.


Detailed and drivable 1966 Batmobile replicas

Batmobiles have to be somewhere near the top of the desirable car list. And if it is a 1966 Batmobile you were thinking of, then Mark Racop has licensed and fully detailed Batmobiles on offer. The cars are made to be as “functional” as you’d expect the batmobile to be, and yes, that does include the rocked exhaust flamethrower. The cars sell for about $150k and you get to choose between a rebuilt Ford 460 motor, or a new GM 350 crate engine.

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Terminator T-800 v2.0 Endoskeleton selling for a ton of money

The life-size Terminator T-800 life-size endoskeleton you see here is over 6 feet tall, and costs $6000, which, in colloquial terms is also known as a shitton-of-money. If you’re guessing what that kind of money buys, the answer is an “endoskeleton” made of polystone, fiberglass, metal that stands over a base made to look like debris and a human skull. Oh, it also has a glowing polycell and shining red eyes. The limited edition model is available for pre-order, and at $6000, it sure is overpriced.

Via: /Film, OhGizmo

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Fallout 3 Plasma rifle replica

The A3-21 plasma rifle replica has been created by Ryan Palser and happens to be well detailed. The artist’s Flickr page has a number of images of the replica, and of the build process.

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District 9 rifle replica shows up

The alien assault rifle from District 9 made its debut at Comic-Con and is said to be an “exact” replica of the rifle seen in the movie. Well, it should be as it has been sculpted by special-effects house WETA, who happen to be the team behind District 9. The replica weighs 12 pounds, is 40 inches long and costs $499. No word about the required alien DNA to get that thing to work.

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Halo Spike Grenade replica selling on eBay

Fans of Halo would probably welcome an opportunity to get their hands on a real world Spike Grenade. Well, those grenades don’t really exist, but their replicas sure do. This is a fan made item, and was crafted out of pvc, smooth-on urethane, aluminum and faux leather. And it is on eBay with bids starting at $150.

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DIY Iron Man Costume Is A Good Effort

Iron Man may be a kind of crazy, but he does have an impressive costume slash suit. Masterle247 from Superherofhype forums created a striking replica of the costume, and a real good one at that. That war machine costume took a fair bit of hard work to get all that detail right, and I guess putting in more than 600 rivets is more than a ton of hard work.

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