Automobiles Design

Hot and Sexy Toyota Supra Concept

Toyota Supra was one of the best coupes that rolled in its time. Affordable, yet with a performance that could put supercars to shame. The car has been out of production for a while now, but many automobile enthusiasts probably will enjoy its return to the streets.


GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings

Designer Alp Germaner created these GH-47 Stinger airplane renderings as a look back to fighters from World War II. We totally dig the pinup near the cockpit.

Art Featured

Giant post-apocalyptic bug tank is armed and dangerous

While battling machines in the post-apocalyptic world, you don’t quite want to face giant bugs armed to the teeth. Bugs are scary, bug-tanks are much worse. These renderings of the post-apocalyptic organic bug tank are the work of Armando Correa.

Art Featured

Renderings show cities in ruins

These renderings from Jenovah Art give us a look at some of the world’s busiest, bustling centers, but all in ruins. It is almost weird to imagine how some of the busiest places in the world might be, if they were abandoned and left to themselves.

Via: Ufunk

Science & Tech

T-Rex didn’t quite look as scary as we had imagined

Countless movies and our own imagination have been proven wrong with the latest rendering of T-Rex. The fearsome T-Rex didn’t really look as frightening. Researchers had earlier said that dinosaurs looked like big, shiny birdies, but still, a T-Rex with feathers is kind of weird. Click image above for higher-resolution.

Via: Geekologie


Evo5 sports car concept inspired by Tron

Lightcycles of the Tron universe could probably do well in the company of Sports car. The Evo 5 concept car has magnetic wheels, subsonic mudguards to keep it clean, and generates its own energy from its solar cell roof. The renderings have been created by CGSociety member FlavioMac.

Via: AutoMotto


Artist envisions auroras seen over both poles from space

Auroras over the poles are something most people would love to see in person. Also, people would love to see them from space. An artist created this rendering of how auroras over both the poles will look from space, and the image looks quite good. Now all we need to do is forget that the aurora in the image stretches as far as the Middle East, and has an unholy height. Too bad this isn’t real, as a consolation, take a look at the highest resolution images of Earth released by NASA.

Via: Gearfuse


1968 Saab rendered as 2010 SAAB Custom

Studio Vizualtech has a thing for creating striking renderings for cars. This one is a 1968 Saab brought into the modern world. The car has a tubular chassis and a SVO Cobra 600 HP engine for brute power, and carbon fiber body panels. The 2010 Saab Custom shares a number of parts with the 2010 Cobra Mustang, and it’s on its way to being a real car.


Artist Renders The Sukhoi PAK FA – Fifth Generation Russian Stealth Superfighter

The USA’s fifth generation superfighters, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II have already taken to the air, and Russia is busy developing its own stealth superfighter, the Sukhoi PAK FA. Not much is known as to how the fighter looks, but Russian industrial designer Aleksander Dultsev has created renderings to show how the superfighter may look like. As these things go, the renderings are impressive.



Gentleman’s Racer Concept Shows A Clean Design

The renderings for the Gentleman’s Racer Concept created by Mikael Lugnegard show a beautiful hotrod, that is old-school in essence but with touches of the modern way. He used Maya, Hypershot and Photoshop for these renderings of the simple but eye-catching retro-modern roadster.