Beautiful Creatures of Cutlery

Charleston-based artist Matt Wilson has an unlikely art style – cutlery bent into shape of creatures. The sculptures mostly represent birds, but sometimes they take other forms like fish, animals, even Samurai! Matt says his artwork is a reflection of the environment in which he lives. He works with bone, driftwood, scrap metal and the likes to create upcycled sculptures.

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Artist Reuses Printed Paper For 3-Dimensional Collages

UK based Italian artist Paola Bazz reworks and re-uses printed paper to create three dimensional collages that have a three dimensional effect. The choice of printed paper comes as a metaphor for everyday life where a fair amount of information of our lifestyle and culture lives, and of course, the printed paper is a medium that has tremendous power of effect. It is full of text, images, faces, human figures, and the mighty power of communication that it represents.

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Odd Lamps Made From Vintage and Antique Objects

Here at Randommization, we love nothing more than doses of serendipity, and these lamps seem so random at the first glance, they’re just right up our alley. Atlanta based artist Roger Thomas created this set of lamps using upcycled vintage appliances and various other items he found. Built quite imaginatively or with a seemingly eccentric flair, these lamps don’t fail in developing interest. Available from the artist’s Etsy shop.

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Beer Can House

A house in Houston, Texas not just has its dwellers making good use of beer, but the house itself is quite a connoisseur of beer cans. It was once owned by John Milkovisch, who having been brought up during the great depression had a couple quirks, one of them being a reluctance to throw things away, especially beer cans.

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Absolutely Non-Creepy Sculptures Made From Doll Parts

Right off the bat, we have to say there is nothing scary or creepy about these faces. Using hands for hair and random assorted parts for faces is perfectly okay. “Did you see that woman sculpted out of baby doll heads?” Yes I did, don’t remind me of her. The art of Freya Jobbins involves painstakingly placing and sticking numerous doll parts to create an impression of a humanoid, though created from hundreds of unrelated parts.

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Heavy Metal Clocks

Throwing around a little weight can have its own uses. Heavy metal clocks have an air of simple, brute beauty about them. They are made from salvaged metal brought from yards south of Downtown Los Angeles. Created by Stephen J. Payne, the project is currently seeking backers/pre-orders on Kickstarter.