Cool Environment

Post-its made from wood waste

These house-shaped post-it notes are made from wood waste from houses. Named IE-TAGS (IE is Japanese for house), the post-it notes are the creation of Naruse-Inokama Architects.

Via: Core77, Space Sinkhole


Manga-inspired post-it notes

Manga-inpired post-it notes come in speech bubble or sound effect shape. Each set has three blocks, with 40-sheets per block of notes. Costs $25.


Monsters and illustrations created out of post-it notes

Artist John Kenn uses post-it notes to create his art. I always knew there were monsters in office supplies, the abundance of monsters in these illustrations just drives the point home.


Cool Gaming

Donkey Kong office building uses post-its for its magic

By the looks of it, the Donkey Kong office building would be a cool place for work, at least from the outside. On the inside, it will still be “work” and we don’t really like that part. Conversion of an entire building to a Donkey Kong screenshot was done by students from the UCSC Engineering University. It took the team 6400 post-it notes, and 10 people working for 5 hours to get the job done, and they did it right.

Via: Walyou [Warning: autoplaying video on the page], Geekstir


Sticky notes, now with a useless feature

Post-it notes undoubtedly are useful, but once their job is done, the only way to go is the waste basket. Well, the journey of the notes to the waste basket can be extended a bit further by adding another use to the notes, and that would be the art of origami. That hardly serves any practical purpose, but we don’t really have anything against time killers, and perhaps, someone would learn origami by using the instructions on the notes. Costs $4.

Via: Walyou