Artist-Barber Gives Customers a Detailed Portrait Haircut

‘Rob the Original’ is an artist with the scissor, and your hair, and your head. Not everyone can sport a portrait on their head, but if you can, Rob is the guy for you. While you get your haircut, Rob will craft a very detailed portrait on your head, with your very own hair. If you would like something more colorful, like patterns, that’s also a yes.

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Louis C.K. Portrait Made From Cheetos

Titled “Cheetos and Shame” this portrait of comedian Louis C.K. is the work of designer Katie Mazikins. The portrait has been made out of uncrushed Cheetos. Prints available at Society6. Via LaughingSquid

Artist Makes Bullet Portraits of People Killed by Bullets

In the history of humanity, many people have fallen to bullets, and far more to our love for destruction. Artist David Palmer is using these very weapons as a way to give lessons of peace. The artist has created portraits of Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon and John F. Kennedy, three well known people who were killed by bullets. All these portraits have been created out of bullet casings.

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A portrait made from 20,000 cigarette filters

Swiss artist Jinks Kunst created this amazing portrait of noted French singer Serge Gainsbourg out of cigarette butts. It’s been 20 years since the great artist passed away, and to pay homage to the legend, the artist went around collecting the cigarette filters. Kunst began collecting the filters since March 2008, and collected a total of 20,394 used cigarette filters. The singer had a passion for cigarettes so this is quite a fitting homage.

Via: OddityCentral

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Muhammad Ali sculpture made out of punching bags

This sculpture, made in honor of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali makes use of 1,300 punching bags, supported by 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, and 2500 pounds of aluminum pipe. Each of the punching bags forms a pixel for the portrait of the boxing great. Artist Michael Kalish thought of the idea back in 2008, and got working on the amazing work of art. Realizing he couldn’t do it all on his own, Kalish enlisted architectural firm Oyler Wu for the structural design. The sculpture will officially be unveiled LA’s Nikon Plaza this month, where Muhammad Ali will himself hang the last bag to complete the portrait.

Via: Wired

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