Guy gets arms tattoed with 3D pokeballs, looks gross

Call it fan art or something, we’ll just call this crazy. This guy got six 3-D pokemon tattoos in his arm, which basically means they cut his arm open to insert subdermal implants that make those tattoos look 3D. Pokemon fan or not, this is plain weird, and that arm looks gross. Via: GoNintendo, Kotaku, …

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If Hogwarts house mascots were Pokemon

If Harry Potter crossed into the Pokemon universe or vice versa, things would be a lot more different. First off, the house mascots would be Pokemon. Also, it is likely that at the end, Harry and Voldemort wouldn’t just fight with magic, there would even be a Pokemon battle. Via: TheSmilingFish on DeviantArt, BuzzFeed

Pikachu charges DSi with the power of cute

Pikachu is looking really cute and happy, perhaps he loves charging the DSi. The DSi/ Dsi XL seats itself on a slot in Pikachu’s poke ball, and gets its juice. Too bad the electric type Pokemon won’t be using its powers to charge the gadget. Costs $47. Via: Ubergizmo

Pokemon: The uglies edition

We’ve always seen Pokemon as cute and adorable, but artist EatToast would disagree. The artist’s “Ugly Pokemon” sculptures present Pokemons as well, ugly. A few of these sculptures are on eBay if you want them, but hurry because the auctions will end in a couple of hours.

Via: NerdApproved

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