Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag

Snorlax makes a perfect shape for a bean bag like that. Seeing that bag, sleeping and snoring like Snorlax is exactly what I want to do. Well maybe that’s because I’m just sleepy, but the full size beanbag chair does look pretty inviting; not so inviting in terms of cost though, at $299.

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Pokemon Get the ‘Real’ Treatment

What do you think the real life pokeballs contain? The real life Pokemon of course. California based artist Gavin Mackey made a realistic rendering of several pokemon, imagining what they would really look like if found in the wild. and you know, they aren’t as lovable and cute as we see them in the anime and the game.

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Pokemon Themed Cars

Toyota and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy have joined forces to sell a range of Pokemon styled toy cars. To bring their line to notice, the two recently showed off some life sized versions of the toy cars in their Pokemon outfits.

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Pokemon Trainer Disney Princesses

We’ve seen Disney’s Princesses take on numerous roles already, here’s a fresh one. Artist Hapurianen imagined what Disney Princesses would look like in the world of Pokemon trainers. They look pretty good, and the artist has managed to bring anime-style looks to Disney’s princesses, without making them look entirely alien to their characters. Via Unrealitymag

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