Pokemon Trainer Disney

One attribute of Disney characters that stands out these days, is that they seem to be omnipresent. We’ve seen them jump into several fictional universes, and come out victorious. At this rate, we’re soon going to believe that all other characters evolved from the princesses of Disney. In the set that we have here, Disney characters have entered the Pokemon universe, and they seem to be a good fit. It probably does help that these characters have animals around who could be retouched to lend credence to the Pokemon claim for these illustrations by artist Kuitsuku.

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Game of Thrones House Sigils With Pokemon

Clearly, there’s great potential for Game of Thrones house sigils to get a run into the Pokemon universe. Artist Cami Sanders plays the Game of Pokemon in this set where animals and creatures on house sigils have been replaced with a representation of their Pokemon counterparts. There is no dearth of Pokemon willing to take that job, and as Charizard, Tentacruel, Luxray, Sawsbuck and Mightyena show in these illustrations, the Pokemon aren’t quite away from home on house sigils from Westeros. The PokeThrones set is available on Society6.

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Hideous Pokemon

They’re supposed to be cute, and lovely and whatnot. But sometimes, things do go wrong and at the other end of the tunnel, we get the hideous Pokemon. Burn them all. Via EatToast (artist), Neatorama