Pokemon Made From Leaves

Natural Pokemon series by Jacob Carter sees the much loved Pokemon made out of Leaves. We’re guessing the Pokemon would love the touch of “natural” in their portraits. Except when they get into a battle and get carried away by a little gust of wind.

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Monstrous Realistic Pokemon

Realistic Monster Pokemon by Yuuki Morita

We know Pokemon as cute and cuddly animal-like characters. However, animal-like that they are, they would probably look drastically different in real world adaptations. Japanese artist Yuuki Morita has a few illustrations of Pokemon, created not as cute beings, but terrifyingly realistic monsters who would probably take pleasure in biting Ash Ketchum’s head off rather than play cuddly with him.

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Pokémon Panties

Geeky and sexy is the best kind of sexy, and these Poké panties seem to be doing very well in that department. The Pokémon inspired panties come in four designs, Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Unfortunately, it appears the Etsy shop selling them has currently run out of stock, but the silver lining here is that the shop does accept custom orders.

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