Fan-Art Gives Pokemon a Human Shape

Humanoid Pokemon sounds like a great idea, though it messes with the dynamic of keeping them captive in Pokeballs. But then perhaps we’d have a different story for Pokemon. This gorgeous fan-art presents an imaginative look at Pokemon as humanoid anime characters. The set is the work of artist Shioya.

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It’s the Valentine’s Season, Say it in Official Pokemon Style

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you could get things rolling with some heartfelt and thoughtful, or you could take the cheesy route. These little cards are rather good, especially if your Valentine has an interest in Pokemon. If all else fails, remember it might be a cliche, but you could still give I choose you a try. See the full set on their official Facebook page.

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Snorlax As a Pillow Is Just Perfect

snorlax sleeping pillow

Snorlax and a sleeping pillow, now this was a combination that was meant to be and should have been made real way earlier. Well, it is real now, and that is not too shabby either. Currently available for pre-order at $40, and expected to be available from January 30. Via Tomopop, Kotaku

Pikachu Zip-Up Hoodie

Get a Pikachu look on your hoodie, and a tail to go with. The zip-up hoodie has ear extensions for Pikachu, though the same courtesy hasn’t been offered to the tail, which (thankfully) stays on as a print. Available on Amazon.