Liquid Cooled Computer Also Works as a Pot for Plants

Omer Deutsch’s hybrid computer is lovingly named Secondary Growth. As a hybrid, it does all the usual work a computer is expected to do, and being water cooled perhaps would get rid of any chance of heating. For its second role, the computer supports a plant. Soil kept within the computer case becomes a nice little pot from which a plant can grow and thrive, and the water used for the plant can also come in handy cooling the components.

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Green switch plates take every opportunity to remind you of conservation

Green switch plates, or Growth Plates look rather cute with their mask of foliage, and at the same time they intend to remind users of reducing their power consumption and do their bit for the planet. Designed by Andrew Harmon, the plates couple their good looks with sensible thinking to actually make a brilliant product, provided the plant foliage stays alive indoors and there’s a super safe way to water them which preferably does not involve someone getting electrocuted.

Via: Inhabitat

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Light Bulb Terrarium is a cute setting for plants

Plants growing inside a light bulb sound kind of cool, and with that, we have summed up the USP of this thing. Growing inside each light bulb is a pair of tillandsia plants, while the “soil” here is preserved reindeer moss with river stones, all held in place by polyester resin. You will have to …

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