Pixar Themed Nike Shoes

Wonderful Pixar themed Nike shoe designs by Rachael Loraine. As wisdom says, all good things in life are illegal, married, or just concepts. These belong to the last category.

You Wouldn’t Have Any Love for the Scientifically Accurate ‘Finding Nemo’

Now that Pixar is hard at work on Finding Dory, it is only natural that we revisit the earlier awesome movie, Finding Nemo. The Pixar animation team working on Finding Nemo had to take a graduate class in fish biology so that the movements and natural habitats of the fish depicted were very close to real. Pixar also developed software specially for the movie, which made the jellyfish scene as close to reality as possible. Apparently, had Pixar been that interested in keeping the movie close to real, it would have had an entirely different story line.

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Pixar Playing Cards

Drawing idea and inspiration from the characters of Pixar, graphic designer and illustrator Chris Anderson created two sets of playing cards. The cards use Pixar characters as images, while the Pixar Lamp forms the background image for every card. For the set, it’s not the usual Jack, King and Queen that get illustrated with characters, other numbers are represented well with characters as well. It’s only fan art, but these would be fun playing cards if real.

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If Pixar Made Pulp Classics

It probably would not be a wise course of action to imagine if certain movies would be better if Pixar managed them, but imagining things sure works wonders. Artist Phil Postma imagines what classic pulp movies would have looked like, with Pixar running the show. We’re just glad for the nostalgia that this set brings back. Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Dick Tracy, and The Shadow. Might be worth the time to watch all these again, might be even better.

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