Pikachu Zip-Up Hoodie

Get a Pikachu look on your hoodie, and a tail to go with. The zip-up hoodie has ear extensions for Pikachu, though the same courtesy hasn’t been offered to the tail, which (thankfully) stays on as a print. Available on Amazon.

Pokeball Belly Gives Birth To Pikachu Infant

If a pregnant woman’s belly looks like a pokeball, Pikachu is probably the best thing that can come out of it. The before and after shots you see here show a woman cosplaying her pregnant belly as a pokeball, followed by an adorable infant dressed as pikachu. Via Geekologie

Fight Club Pikachu [pic]

Pikachu can be real mean, as evidenced by this “Poke-Fight Club” illustration created by Kevin Bolk. Via: RampagedReality

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Robot Etch-a-sketch draws Pikachu on itself

Created by a team at the Olin College, this robotic Etch-a-sketch loves to draw, and since it is itself the canvas it’s indulgence becomes much easier. Checkout the video above to see the bot drawing Pikachu. Via: CrunchGear