A Hilarious Account of the ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’

Boyfriends of Instagram takes a look at the tale (or pictures) of the invisible boyfriend who twists, contorts and gets into weird positions so the lady can have her perfect Instagram pic. These unsung heroes are finally getting the acknowledgement they earned, thanks to the efforts of two Australian dudes who run the Boyfriends of Instagram page on Facebook and Instagram.

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Incredibly Awesome Photographs by Anton Jankovoy

It has been a few days since Anton Jankovoy sent these amazing photographs, and all through that time I have been wondering which ones of these awesome photographs to publish. A professional travel photographer based in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, Anton has captured the bulk of his photographs in the Himalayan region of Nepal, parts of India, and of course, Ukraine.

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Surreal photograph happens to be quite real

A look at the image above, and you would call it a painting or a product of digital manipulation. It is neither of those. Shot by Frans Lanting, this is a photograph of camel thorn trees in Namibia. The morning sun gives an orange tint to the dunes in the backdrop of the trees. The …

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