Expert Talks of The Correct Way to Sharpen a Pencil

Watch as expert pencil sharpener David Rees starts off with a small tutorial on sharpening a pencil. Yes, sharpening pencils is an art. The video “How to Sharpen Pencils” takes the viewer through a tutorial on how to sharpen a pencil like a gentleman or a lady, not in the least using modern peasant-like tools …

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Bullet Pencil

Pencils shaped like an M16 bullet ought to make the gun nut in you very happy. It may be just 5mm graphite lead in beechwood, but who would miss an opportunity to write with bullets. Costs $9. Via: Design-Milk

Continuous pencil puts stubs to use

Continuous pencil solves the problem of stubs that come with hardwood pencils as they get shorter. Each pencil has a wooden holder, so as it turns into a stub, you can join it with another pencil to have a full-length pencil, and comfortably use up the stub. The design from U Jung Heo and Sa Yoeng Kim was the winner of an iF Design Award.

Via: YankoDesign, Wired

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