PacMan-Inspired Ghoster Coasters

If you haven’t played Pac-Man as a kid, did you even have a childhood? Inspired by the famous game, Ghosters are lovely coasters that bring form and function together. It is for all the adults who want to keep a part of their childhood right on their office desk or on their coffee table at home. You can choose from the 5-piece colorful acrylic set or a classy solid hardwood option.

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Other Characters Moonlight as Pac Man

It’s usually best for characters to stay in their universe, because when they do pass to other worlds, things get weird. Redditor yougruesomehare made this image of various characters moonlighting as PacMan.

Pac Man Look-alike Stap Man Is A Stapler

Pac Man look-alike Stap Man probably had dreams of video game stardom where he’d eat ghosts all day. Well, showbiz is tough and he ain’t getting no video game work. So, Stap Man has decided to settle with the next best thing, stapling paper. Costs $26. NerdApproved