Office Desk Does A Quick Transformation Into A Bed

Over time, a lot of us have adapted to the wonderful art of sleeping at the desk, without ever letting the boss know. But God bless the wonderful boss who, though not yet known to exist, lets the employees take hearty naps without a single worry in the world. We doubt a corporation would ever do something so awesome, unless of course if the idea is to hold employees captive in the facility.

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Office flaunts a fighter jet for decoration

It does not matter how much time, effort and money you spend on making an office look cool. Unless it has tractor beams, it will always fall short of that super cool office that uses a fighter plane for decoration. Just ask the people at KUSHNERstudios, who have a big ass 1960s MiG fighter jet …

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Office has people working in plastic domes in place of cubicles

Looking at sci-fi fantasies of the retro world, they saw the “future” as something where huge transparent domes and flying cars ruled the roost. Well, both of those things didn’t quite happen, but we can rest easy in the thought that this office in Paris at least did some part of the domed things to bring the future closer. There aren’t any boring regular cubicles here, these people sit in transparent plastic domes.

We’re not exactly going to talk about pragmatism and best use of workspace here, because the domes look cool and we don’t work in that office. Also, designed by Christian Pottgiesser, the large wooden desk in the PONS + HUOT office works as the roof of the recreational room

Via: Toxel

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Office prank gives guy a pretty cubicle house

Here’s the story, a guy goes on a holiday, his coworkers plan a “prank” and convert his cubicle into a little house. I don’t know what their definition of a prank is, but I’d like to see what kind of gifts these people get, because that prank seems to be amazing, like the house. Also, their management appears quite a nice one. Damn, I’m jealous. Video after the jump.

Via: RGS

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