Nike shoes modded to work as Wii controllers

Considering that a number of fitness games are made for the Nintendo Wii, Nick Marsh was inspired to create the Nike Wiis. These basically are shoes modded into controllers for the Wii. We guess playing with these shoes on isn’t easy, but the last Wii accessory we saw was insanely weird, so Nike Wiis looks a lot better than they actually are.

Via: Ecouterre

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Combat Pack For The WiiMote Adds Weapons To Gaming

And obviously not real weapons, but it does get you sort of more immersed into gameplay, with real-world fake weapons working for your virtual in-game weapons. On offer is a kit for Zelda, which includes a set of 3 Sword Knife Shield Combat Pack for the WiiMote and the nunchuks. There’s another pack for players …

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Soundless Karaoke With Mute Karaoke Mic

As soon as I open my mouth to sing, my “melodious” voice makes people request (or threaten) me to shut up. That is the case with a lot of people, and Japan Trust Technology apparently has a solution in the Mute Mic for the Nintendo Wii. The soundproof cup with the microphone makes it soundproof, …

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Nintendo Wii And DS To Get Video Downloads – With A Difference

Nintendo has plans to kick off a video on demand service for the Wii and DS. Company boss Satoru Iwata says will be able to download videos on the Wii, and transfer them to the DS as well. Nintendo, though plans to make the service more “Nintendo-like” rather than offering what’s already on offer. Sounds …

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