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Crochet ‘My Little Dalek’ Stand for the Magic of Friendship, and Extermination

My Little Dalek are all about the magic of friendship and extermination, probably not in the same order. The cute crochet Daleks with a hint of My Little Pony are the work of artist Country-Geek-Crochet.


My Little Pony Meets Cthulhu

Say hello to Little Maddie, a mashup of My Little Pony and Cthulhu. Created by Bigshot Toyworks, the Cthulhoid is first in line from a series of toys and animation shorts for the new toy line Friendship is Maddness.


The Avenger Ponies

We are surprised the Avengers movies could be made any other way.

Via Han Jan on DeviantArt, Neatorama