iTit optical wireless mouse styled like breasts

iTit optical wireless mouse lets its users have the sensation of holding a breast while they do their daily work with the mouse. Also, the name gives away the fact that inspiration for the iTit concept mouse came from Apple, as the designers say it follows the same philosophy of being minimal, sexy and user friendly. I wonder if it is ironic that Apple works hard to stay away from anything that can be remotely labeled as pornography.

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Toyota iQ sweats it out like a giant optical mouse

Toyota iQ seemingly has a fetish for doing geeky things. Last year, the car created its own font, and this time around, it’s behaving like a huge optical mouse. A giant display resembling a traditional monitor was set up, and in front of the display, the iQ made movements like an optical mouse, the effect of which was seen on the screen. The iQ also drew the Toyota logo and played (and won) a game of knots and crosses. The effort is a result of the Toyota iQ ‘Nimble as a mouse’ campaign. Video after the jump.

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Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse Looks Formidable

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse looks formidable, and would make any conventional mouse say its prayers. The R.A.T. mouse comes with adjustable ergonomics/weights, DPIs up to 5600, and a whole lot of buttons, and even some bolts and plugs. What all of them do is shrouded in the mysterious darkness of the mouse. Unveiled at …

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Titanium ID Mouse Is A Sleek Expense

The titanium ID Mouse looks sleek and has a whole lot of functions. This wireless mouse is finished in hand-formed grade 1 titanium with a coat of high-quality resin. Then there’s its 3-button neodymium scroll wheel that promises smooth movement. It runs off two AAA batteries, allows laser tracking and costs a whopping $1200. TheDesignBlog

NES Controller Mouse Could Be A Bestseller

A Nintendo NES Controller Mouse sounds like a perfect recipe for a bestseller… if only they built one. It is just a foam model someone built, but it is so well done I hope they actually build one. Technabob

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