Microsoft creates wireless mouse series with artists

Microsoft teamed up with artists to launch the creatively titled series “Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition.” The super creative name aside, the series had participation of six artists, each making a mouse the work of art with different patterns and striking uniqueness. Each of the mice have the artists signature at the …

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Steampunk computer mouse eats off the brain

This brass Steampunk mouse will likely have Dr. Frankenstein clap his hands in glee. The optical mouse has a glass cylinder housing a brain with electrodes poking out of it and an oversized click-wheel to go along. Creating this Steampunk mouse, Peter Balch started with a normal optical mouse, stripped it down to the circuit …

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Celluon evoMouse sees your finger movements as commands

Celluon evoMouse gets rid of the physical mouse, replacing it with the cute-puppy like gadget that keeps an eye on your fingers. It can basically turn any flat surface into a touchpad, translating movement of your fingers and gestures into movement of the pointer or for mouse actions on the screen. It is unlikely to …

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Fujitsu shows the greenest mouse, the M440

People, things aren’t quite awesome with gazillions of tons of e-waste piling up, so we appreciate anything that promises to cut down on that mountain of garbage. Fujitsu M440 mouse claims to be the greenest in the world, having all its non-metal parts made from biologically sourced renewable compounds like lignin, starch, and natural resins. …

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Chameleon X-1 Mouse can be called for gamepad duty

Chameleon X-1 from Shogun Bros. is a nice looking optical mouse that turns into a PC gampad when you need it to. The bottom of the mouse, apart from having a 5-stage adjustable 1600dpi optical sensor, also has a PC gamepad, a feature that should come in handy for gamers. The wireless optical mouse connects …

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NES mouse

Someone should really build one of these, it’s going to be great. This sculpture while cool looking, is a foam model based on the design language of NES system and gamepad. Via: mousevomit, SpaceSinkhole

SteelSeries shows mouse for WoW Cataclysm

SteelSeries has unveiled a new mouse for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. The mouse has 14 programmable buttons that can store 130+ preset commands, and the ability to store 10 character profiles in software and one in the mouse itself. It also has LEDs to make it look all shiny and cool. Cataclysm …

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Tron Light Cyle mouse

Razer has introduced a gaming mouse and mousepad, both inspired by the Tron movie. For added effect, the mouse includes sound effects from the movie, while the mouse mat has a tracking glow trail. The system will be available for $99. Via: Unplggd

Cute USB turtle mouse

The USB turtle mouse doesn’t have much to bring to the table, except a small dose of cuteness, maybe. The 800dpi optical mouse costs $14, and is also available in pink. Via: RedFerret

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