Mycestro 3D Mouse Sticks To Your Finger

Mycestro is a 3D mouse that sticks right to your index finger and lets you control computer operations through a combination of hand gestures and mouse functions. The touch sensitive panels of the mouse work with the operator’s thumb, to ensure the mouse does not run wild if the user decides to free his hands for some other work.

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Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse

Resulting from the collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA, Levell 10 M mouse is a gaming gadget with an unusual design. Its intriguing looks come from the unconventional design and skeletal frame. It is loaded with features and complexity, making it something only serious gamers would pursue. Of course, the $150 price tag plays …

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Tempered Glass Multitouch Keyboard and Mouse Look to Become Real

Thinking of futuristic gadgets somehow always brings the thoughts of clean, glassy, transparent designs. That might very well soon be true as the gadgets we see here are getting ready to be real. The concept is from Jason Giddings of Giddings Product Development. Gadgets the concept offers are a multi-touch keyboard and mouse made from tempered glass and with cameras in the base to keep track of motion and contact.

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The USB Big Mouse

How big do you need your computer mouse to be? If you answered with something like totally friggin’ huge, the good people at Brando have you covered. They’ve come up with the USB Big mouse that is 175mm long by 10-5mm wide by 55mm tall, and has a fair dose of LED lights to keep …

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USB Pixel Mouse

USB Pixel Mouse gives your computer mouse the shape of one of the best known mouse pointers on the web. Since what we mostly do with the computer these days is browse the web, a mouse made into the likeliness of the famed pointer does make very much sense. We just hope it is comfortable …

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Oppopet wireless mouse gets itself a tail to look cute

Oppopet is a series of cutesy wireless mice coming from the joint efforts of Elecom and Nendo. The mouse is a 3-button optical mouse weighing 55 grams, works on 2.4GHz, and runs on a single AAA battery. The high point of the mouse is the USB receiver shaped like an animal tail, making it appear like a small, cutesy pet. Models released include fox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, squirrel, chameleon, and rabbit.

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Five-finger mouse works with hand recognition

The five-finger mouse developed by Japan-based robot venture Double Research & Development Co. keeps a track of movement and pressure applied by individual fingers and uses this information to interact with the computer. The Amenbo can carry out complex actions and keep an accurate track of the user’s movements. Users may also choose to employ …

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DataBot HDD concept shrinks, expands according to usage, mouse goes slow as HDD fills

Both the hard disk drive and the mouse are important parts of a computer system, but neither is about giving you direct information on what is going on in the computer. Well, these interesting DataBot concepts developed by two German students do come up with the information. As the hard disk fills up, the roll of the mouse becomes slower, that gives you an idea of the size of the file as related to the rolling speed of the mouse. An additional “breathing” feature lets you know how frequently a file is used. On the other hand, the Hard Disk concept can expand and contract, depending upon the space being used.

Via RomanGrassy, Engadget, Dvice

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Custom wireless mice come in remarkable designs

Unless you have a really swank, nifty mouse, basically all of them have the same looks. A bit of customization goes a long way, especially when the mouse gets badass retro robot looks. Aaron Ristau makes these cool, customized mice, each priced at $180. Via Make