LINC Mod Turns Your Moto Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

The Moto Z has quite an ability in its use of hardware add-ons i.e. Moto Mods that can make the phone quite a flexible and hugely customizable gadget. Motorola has been encouraging developers to create Moto Mods as a way of giving more strength to the idea. This includes a campaign in conjunction with IndieGoGo and the possibility of investment to the tune of $1 million by Lenovo Capital.

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Mozilla Labs shows Seabird mobile phone concept

The Seabird concept was created by Billy May as part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. Seabird experiments with and observes how users may interact with the mobile phone as modern technology continues to advance. The concept provides greater and more reliable levels for gestural interfaces, managing to distinguish its user from a crowd. A pico projector with crisp resolution provides further interactivity, virtually behaving as a notebook.

Via: Mozilla Labs

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