Red Bull Superhero Cans

Red Bull gives you wings, but it adds superhero powers to those wings. Well, usually. Sometimes you don’t get the power to fly, and you could end up as Batman (which would be awesome), or Aquaman (which would suck). In the latter case, you just accept your destiny because fate is cruel. Redbull Superheroes from Diego Fonseca present minimalist superhero styling on the classic cans of RedBull. Well, they have no RedBull logo or insignia, but the shape of the cans is identification enough.

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Minimalist Animated Posters for Harry Potter Series

Minimalist Harry Potter Illustrations by Jessica Martinez

Playing up to the Harry Potter series, artist Jessica Martinez has created a set of animated gif images for all seven books of the series. The images focus on a primary event or object in the related book, and animate it for full effect. It would probably be more like how all images work in the Harry Potter world anyway. As an extra, each image also has Harry Potter’s lightning scar; sometimes clearly visible, and sometimes hidden well enough to make you search for it.

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Paris Cliché Posters

A humorous set of 20 posters, these illustrations by Simon Sek capture the 20 districts of Paris and the clichés, stereotypes or simply what the areas are famous for associated with them. The posters take a minimalist approach, trying to describe the area with a simple image or object.

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Superhero Underwear Print

superhero underwear print

Superhero undies have a special quality: they’re basically an easy way to identify the characters. It’s like the highlight of their dress. Those who wear a full dress wear their underwear over the dress, and several of them skip much of the gear except the underwear. For what it is worth, no superhero forgets to wear a signature belt with their underwear. So the underwear basically is the most distinguishable part of their persona.

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Minimalist Illustrations Minimally Explain the Cultural Differences Between China and Germany

Visual designer Yang Liu has spent much of her life in Germany, though she was born in China. Using her own experience and perspective, the artist created a minimalist visualizations showing how the two countries see similar concepts. The blue side represents Germany, and the red side is China. The series seems quite similar to the more famous Paris vs New York that we have seen earlier.

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Creative Posters Present Famous Songs in Pictograms

Viktor Hertz is a Swedish graphic designer and artist who happens to create very intriguing images. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because his projects like the honest logos, movie pictograms, and even the music pictograms we’re talking of here have been widely noticed and appreciated. Several updates have been made to the pictogram music posters since we first saw them, so here’s the updated set. We kind of like the Highway to Hell poster. It is subtle, and it is quite direct. Several of these images are available as T-shirts and posters at the artist’s store on RedBubble.

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Minimalist Star Wars Family Tree

This sweet minimalist graphic by Joe Stone shows the Star Wars family tree, packing so much detail that is almost surprising for a graphic that looks so simple. Via ILoveCharts, NerdApproved