The Wonderful Miniature Photography World of Kurt Moses

Miniature photographs by Kurt Moses are an easy ticket to fantasy land for us. Images from a set have beautiful settings, we found a hint of the wild west, travel, adventure, and not to be underestimated, sea monsters. Kurt and his wife work together on these photographs, working their way through road trips and spontaneously selecting the spots for the photographs.

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Cities Become Miniatures For These Photographs

Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten makes giants out of people, or rather, miniatures out of full blown cities and landscapes. As part of her series Teenage Stories, the photographer showed two teenage girls living in a miniature city. It would be something like Gulliver in the land of the lilliputians. Interestingly enough, the photographer chose to complete the series the hard way, and has not used Photoshop for manipulating the images.

Via Toxel

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Miniature Worlds Inside a Box

Lisa Swerling calls her collection of tiny worlds in a box by a special name, Glass Cathedrals. The artboxes show a series of stuff, ranging from those cropping out of the artist’s imagination to those that the artist has seen somewhere and found impressionable.

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Miniature wooden motorcycles

Ukraine based artist Vyacheslav Voronovich’s miniature motorcycles could give the real deal a run for its money, at least where it comes to looks. Vyacheslav started making these 1:12 scale replicas about a year and a half ago, using tools like a common cutter and disposable blades to make this super impressive sculptures. It appears the artist didn’t have enough money to buy himself a bike of his choice when he started making these miniatures, but his passion drove him through creating these detailed motorcycle sculptures. We can only imagine the hard work that must have gone in creating parts like handlebars, disc brakes and pistons, with just those simple tools.

Via OddityCentral

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Miniature guns have all the details, except the bullets

Do not let the detailing fool you, these guns are miniatures that won’t shoot. Made in Russia in the ’70s, the artist kept special note of the accuracy, making these weapons from schematics and description of real guns. They are so detailed that they probably could shoot a bullet, if you could somehow find a way to get a tiny bullet to get into these guns.

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Miniature books collection

Hungary’s Jozsef Tari has spent almost 35 years collecting miniature books. His collection now has more than 4500 books, none of which is more than 3 inches long. The smallest in the collection is a booklet measuring 2.9 mm x 3.2mm. Some of these books are almost 100 years old.

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