Everyday Objects Present a Life in Miniatures

For a miniature creature, life in our world could be an entirely different set of rules. A simple change of scale for our everyday objects could create a whole new world. Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka followed a similar line of thought in creating the Miniature Calendar. Presenting our world from a perspective of tiny humanoids, the series takes us on a journey through a world that is very much our own, and yet offers and entirely new perspective.

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Scale Model of a Post Apocalyptic London

British artist and musician Jimmy Cauty built this miniature model of a post-apocalyptic London torn down by violence and riots. Built in the style of a miniature train set, the model shows a city with decaying infrastructure that has fallen into chaos.

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Photographs of Crime Scenes in Miniature

These miniature crime scene models were created in the 1940s by Chicago based criminologist Frances Glessner Lee. Developed for training, the models show a high level of detail and were crafted after real crime scenes. The detail in the models includes shades that can be lifted, tiny pencils that write, and even “mice that live in the walls.”

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