Mini and Rolls Royce come together for a luxurious Mini Cooper Goodwood

Mini and Rolls Royce have joined hands in creating a Mini that is plush with signature Rolls Royce luxury. Apparently, taking a page out of the Cygnet experiment by Aston Martin and Toyota, the Mini Cooper Goodwood follows the line of luxury in a small package. The car is basically a Cooper S, with the Rolls Royce design team having a run at its interiors. Interiors get the luxury touch with leather and wood trim, the exteriors get a special “Mini Cooper Goodwood” plate and 17-inch wheels.

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Mini shows the Rocketman concept for Geneva

Mini has taken wraps off its Rocketman concept, which is scheduled for an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. At just about 11 feet long, the tiny car uses a unique 3+1 seating arrangement, and keeps its focus on being light and mini. To stay light, the concept uses a carbon spaceframe, weight reducing wheels, and an enclosed surface structure to reduce drag. Apparently, the car is high on efficiency as well, claiming about 78mpg on the American cycle.

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MINI transformed into a super-entertaining entertainment system

Gearheads, designer David Gawthorpe has made your wet dreams come true. This entertainment system can let you watch movies, play on the Xbox and PS3, dock your iPod/iPhone, put on headphones; and when you’re in the mood, reach out for beer from the tiny fridge on the back, hit the 500-Watt amplifier, set off the strobes and lasers and put the remote controlled smoke machine in action for a time of fun. We’re saving the best for last, the system is made from the front of a Mini, which the designer spent two years sculpting into its present shape. Priced at somewhere around $13000.

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Mini makes crop circles for advertisement

This giant Mini Countryman advertisement is located in 1.5 hectares of cornfield, intending to embody the company’s “From town to country and back again” campaign. We couldn’t care about campaigns, what we see are just the crop circles. Via: Inhabitat

MINI unveils an electric scooter

Mini is known best for its cars, but apparently, the automaker is getting ready to step into the scooter market as well. The company is showing off a new electric scooter, which is slated for an official debut at the Paris Motor Show. Mini’s scooter can be charged off any conventional plug using the on-board cable. Staying in-tune with modern requirements, the scooter’s cockpit has an adapter for smartphones. Once in position, the smartphone is converted into a central display, control element, and even the ignition key for the scooter.

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