Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 console is a blast

The millionth Xbox 360 console to be sold in Australia and New Zealand would appear as a special achievement for Microsoft, and the console does reflect the sentiment. Being auctioned for charity, this console was created by Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop, and it shows Master Chief blowing the innards off the console. Proceeds from the eBay auction will go to David Peachey Foundation, and Microsoft will match the winning bid with up to $10,000 for the donation.

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Microsoft Flaunts New, "Futuristic" Mouse Prototypes

The mouse is an ubiquitous and near-essential part of the computer system, and while there are other options, the mouse remains the most user friendly and easy to use. That said, the mouse has retained its general shape all this time, there might be slight variations in design and size, but the basic design remains …

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Copenhagen User Experience Concept Makes Windows Look Beautiful

Some rumors already suggest that Microsoft has already started work on Windows 8. The rumor’s a far cry, but they should definitely take a hint from the concept created by Cullen Dudas. The video shows how the concept works, and it looks nifty. The designer has done his work well, and if MS is in …

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