Microsoft Puts Up Giant, 3 Story Tall Phone In NYC’s Herald Square

New handsets running Windows 7.5 mobile are getting ready for their launch and Microsoft of course has a huge interest in seeing them successful and viable competitors to Android and iOS. To bring focus to the devices being launched, and generate interest, Microsoft set up a giant, three story tall “mobile phone” at NYC’s Herald Square.

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Nokia Shows Its New Windows Smartphones

Nokia took a big hit in the face of onslaught by iOS and Android devices, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform wasn’t doing much good either. So a while back, the two got together and announced a collaboration for new Nokia phones that would be based on the Windows platform. Their work now seems to have borne fruit in the shape of these brand new Nokia mobile phones running on Windows.

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Kinect Graffiti provides scrumptious feasts of eye candy

Kinect Graffiti project initially took off as a tool that made use of Microsoft Kinect’s camera for graffiti styles. As you can see, it can be a lot more, providing an endless dose of eye candy. Some creative use with this thing could go a long way. Via Core77

Microsoft creates wireless mouse series with artists

Microsoft teamed up with artists to launch the creatively titled series “Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition.” The super creative name aside, the series had participation of six artists, each making a mouse the work of art with different patterns and striking uniqueness. Each of the mice have the artists signature at the …

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Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept mobile phone

Nokia and Microsoft have gotten cosy, Symbian’s been sent to its grave, and Windows 7 is now Nokia’s preferred OS. Yes, that was quite a bit of action, and apparently, these are the mobile phone concepts that Nokia may be creating based on Windows 7. So yes, Nokia and Microsoft have been working together, and …

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Microsoft InstaLoad will allow users to insert batteries in any direction

Putting batteries correctly is a minor chore that many gadgets and devices require. While it may be small work, some people do face problems with it, and well, the likes of us could do without checking the polarity before putting the batteries to work. Microsoft’s InstaLoad intends to do exactly that, make checking polarities of batteries obsolete. It is one of those solutions that make you wonder why no one ever thought of this before.

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Microsoft’s Pinch-the-Sky looks great

If Microsoft Research’s “Pinch-the-Sky” project is, in reality, half good as it looks here, they are on the right track. The dome highlights multi-point interactions with data in all directions, and the video here focuses on astronomy, showing how well the idea is suited for freehand interactions. It also responds to voice, so it can be simply commanded to select a specified object. Of course, the interactions we see here are only a demonstration, and the project can have many other applications, perhaps it would create a literally immersive computer environment. Video after the jump.

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