Moving Rorschach Mask

Rorschach’s mask is pretty interesting and the magic of course lies in changing patterns on the mask. This replica mask offers the same characteristics, but unlike other masks this one actually has those moving inkblot patterns on the mask. Costs $35.

Creepocalypse Is To Come With Realistic Face Replica Masks

Japanese company REAL-f has gone into the domain of real f*ckin crazy with its brand new offering of realistic masks or face replicas as they call them. These masks are somewhat accurate replicas of a human face made using a technology the company calls 3DPF or 3D Photo Forms. Basically, it involves a 3D printer …

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Intricate paper masks by Phillip Valdez

We’ve already seen how good Phillip Valdez is with his paper creations, and these paper masks reinforce our beliefs. Phillip makes intricately styled paper masks, and quite like his Steampunk creations, some of the masks appear to be made of metal rather than paper. Phillip gets inspiration and ideas for the masks from his wife, and looking the masks, we can say she sure has some very awesome ideas.

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