Super Mario Game of Thrones [video]

We’re just surprised a Mario – Game of Thrones mashup took this long. Well, it’s finally here. The opening credits of Game of Thrones played in Mario music style, and displayed on the game map.

Mario Warfare – Part 7

Mario Warfare gets a bit more serious this time with Peach fighting Wario, and Mario taking on Waluigi. Well, it did have a bit of fun with Snake showing up at the start and summing up Metal Gear Solid for Luigi.

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Shots Arranged As Mario For Video Game Themed Party

This is a great way to arrange shots if you’re going to have a video game themed party. According to reddit user wickstone, the party was arranged by his best friend, who apparently as a good host decided to arrange shots in the shape of Mario. He posted another image, showing the glasses go out …

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Mario Warfare – Part 5

In the fifth installment of Mario Warfare, Peach gets her army of video game heroes ready, and onwards they march to Bowser. While the last one referenced Fight Club, this one gives a nod to Lord of the Rings.

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Super Mario Version of the NYC Subway Map

Super Mario New York City subway map takes a detailed enough look at the NYC subway, while staying true to the world of Mario. Comparing subways with pipes, you could see exactly how much Mario would love the idea, though he’d probably be shocked at how clogged NYC’s travel pipes are, as compared to the warp pipes of the mushroom kingdom. The print is priced at $25.

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