Super Mario Version of the NYC Subway Map

Super Mario New York City subway map takes a detailed enough look at the NYC subway, while staying true to the world of Mario. Comparing subways with pipes, you could see exactly how much Mario would love the idea, though he’d probably be shocked at how clogged NYC’s travel pipes are, as compared to the warp pipes of the mushroom kingdom. The print is priced at $25.

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Most Common Girl Names for 50 Years Arranged By US States

People often see to have weird names, but once you take a deeper look, you realize that most of them stick to the tried and tested names that can be fairly common throughout the USA. This name map shows popular names across states from 1960 to 2012, and apparently, Jennifer is the all time favorite, although a few other names make the list as well, like Ashley, Emily and Lisa. The list is based off data from Social Security Administration.

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What Countries Lead the World In

Every country in the world has a specialty and things they excel in. This map just gives that a bit of a humorous twist. A good chunk of the countries won’t be especially proud of what they lead the world in, but they probably won’t be pissed at their leading qualities either. Via DoghouseDiaries, Geekologie

Map of Nobel Prize Winners Shows Where the Prizes Go To

If you’ve ever wondered what part of the world all those Nobel prizes go to, these maps have the answers for you. Created by Max Fisher, the map follows winners of 347 Nobel Prizes since 1901 by region. It isn’t really a surprise that most of the prizes go to countries considered industrialized or “developed,” while the others try to find a place on the map.

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The World Map Changed to Reflect Internet Populations

Showing the world in perspective with the internet, this map changes the size of nations to reflect their internet populations. Created as part of the Information Geographies project at the Oxford Internet Institute, the map shows information in two layers. The very obvious one is the size of nations according to the internet population, the other one is the percentage of overall population represented in terms of color. A darker shade represents a greater number of population represented.

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