A Subway-Style Map of Roman Empire’s Roads in 125 AD

Starting with the Roman Republic in 300BC and continued during the Roman Empire, the Roman State built and maintained hundreds of thousands of miles of roads. The roads were important for the movement of people, trade, and of course, armies. At its height, the empire had over 250,000 miles of roads – of which 50,000 …

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The hair color of country heads [map]

Why do we care about hair color of country heads? I dunno, but it makes for an interesting exercise. In other news, my friend (who may or may not be drunk) has just pointed out that statistically speaking, a bald person in Africa has the highest chance of being a country head, when compared to …

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Maps Show the Destruction Hollywood Has Caused in America

Watching the movies, you realize how American cities take the brunt of aliens invasions, superheroes battling off their nemesis, monster and creature attacks, and of course, natural disasters. Although most of them are content with destroying New York, they sometimes hit other cities as well. This set of maps and graphics takes a look at the cities destroyed in movies due to various reasons. As the creators of the graphic point out, this is not an exhaustive list and does not include post-apocalyptic movies.

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Most Photographed Places in the World

Just a simple look at the map above will tell you what locations around the world are “hot” in photography at the moment. The map is generated by Google based on the last 15,000 uploads to its Panorimo service. Via