Coming Up: Gigantic Attack on Titan Burger

Following the line of the famous anime Attack on Titan, Japanese burger chain Lotteria is all set to release a ¥2,000 ($20) burger named 10m-kyu Shingeki no Kyojin Hoshoku Set (translated to: Predatory Set for Titan as big as 10-meter high). The gigantic burger will be accompanied by ¥1,600 ($16) french fries combo called “Cho Ogata! Sasha no Imo-musume Se” (Supersize! Sasha’s Potato Girl Set).

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‘Realistic’ Naruto Characters Fan Art

Realistic Naruto Characters

Checkout these ‘realistic’ renderings of various characters from Naruto. The illustrations include several characters from the Naruto anime and manga, including the fabled Yamato dude who nobody has seen. They say he has been stuck in a tree for almost three years now. The renderings are the work of artist Olggah.

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Realistic Eyes From the Naruto Universe

In the world of the famous anime and manga Naruto, eyes play a big role. You can (usually) get a fair idea of the characters abilities and what hurricane of ass-kicking they are about to unleash by looking at their eyes. Created by TheDownfall, the list is missing Hyuuga representation, but does include Sakura. Oh, and before you head out to look at the images, be on your guard for spoilers if you happen to be an anime watcher.

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Classroom Chalkboard Art in Japan

Students in Japan make excellent use of their classroom chalkboards, creating these impressive drawings and illustrations that make great use of the abundant negative space. Apparently, these chalkboards are placed at the back of the classrooms, so it is likely the teachers don’t really mind students using that area to draw these awesome things. Themes usually revolve around anime and manga characters, though they do occasionally go beyond that.

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Manga-inspired post-it notes

Manga-inpired post-it notes come in speech bubble or sound effect shape. Each set has three blocks, with 40-sheets per block of notes. Costs $25.