Arcade game cabinet + kegerator = Gamerator

Gamerator may very well be, what every arcade game fan looks up to the sky and asks God for. The arcade cabinet has a 26-inch flat-panel HDTV, over a 1000 classic and current arcade games, with the Win XP operating system. To top it all, it has a refrigerated interior that can hold a keg …

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Re imagining turntables as ceramics

Turntables have been witnesses to great times, and they still manage to have a good following. Fabien Clerc’s turntables don’t just play sweet music, but these turntables from the series “Back in the good old days” will manage to grab eyeballs. The artist explores the idea of luxury with turntables made of ceramic, with intricate patterns and small touches of gold leaf. The fully functional ceramic turntables sit in a DJ setup, atop a red table; a setting that goes well with the idea of luxury.

Via: Booooooom, designboom

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Luxurious Davone Ray Loudspeakers have an interesting look

Davone Ray Loudspeakers have a great look to root for, and an equally interesting design. How well they perform is a different matter altogether, given their skinny legs and the length. Nevertheless, they have to sound pretty good to be able to demand the $6000 pricetag. Via: BoingBoing

When it is time for music, put bullets in your ears

Earphones styled like bullets would probably make everything more musical and dangerous. Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones aren’t just about the shape, these earphones from Munitio come wrapped in an 18k yellow gold plating, while the 3.5mm stereo jack is covered in 24k gold. Also, there’s Kevlar reinforced fabric cable that protects the premium copper wire. …

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Audi puts its foosball table into production

Audi Design’s foosball table is a couple of years old, but now the company has decided to put it into production. It is foosball with automobile feel and you obviously have to be very rich to buy one. Only 20 tables will be made, and each will cost $16,000. Via: Autoblog

Luxurious X-Train to run between Vegas and L.A.

The luxurious X-Train is set to run between Las Vegas and L.A. towards the end of 2011. This fully private financed train will include a number of luxuries to match the mood of passengers. To keep passengers entertained during the five and a half hours journey, the train will include features like bar cars, gambling …

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