Braid Your Long Locks Right For a Gimli Beard

Got long hair and want to dress up like Gimli? Well, here you go. Middle school English teacher Marcella made a sweet Gimli dwarf beard for herself, and put up a tutorial with instructions on how to do one for yourself. Via Tutorial, BoingBoing

Gender Swapped Lord of the Rings Casting

The Lord of the Rings cast is predominantly men, so we guess it’s a fairly good exercise to flip the gender roles and see what female stars could have replaced the male cast in the movie. It’s a fairly well thought out exercise, and often seems quite acceptable. Annis had a very specific idea in mind when she created this set; the replacing characters should be of approximate fitting age, and should have some tie or relation to the character.

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Lord of the Rings Chess Posters

Artist Patrick Connan made movie posters for all three of the Lord of the Rings movies. Only, he used chess pieces as artwork for the posters and to get the idea across. At first look, the idea is a long shot, but a look at the posters and you realize the chess analogy fits like a glove to those movies.

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Lord of the Rings Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Middle Earth makes use of characters in place where elements would usually be, and adds information like their date of birth to their placement in the table. It is like a tiny information booklet, just like its namesake. Characters from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are included in the …

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Gandalf the Grey Illuminating Staff

Flashlights look so bland when you can illuminate the way with something as cool as Gandalf the Grey’s illuminating staff. The five feet tall replica has a crystal on top that lights up with faithful effect. Costs ~$220, also available on Amazon. Via GeekAlerts