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Photographs of The World’s Most Exquisite Libraries

Libraries pictured in our minds are somewhat simple, orthodox rooms with books lining up shelves and a few people scattered and reading in silence. While that description would be generally true, libraries can also be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing structures that house a wealth of human knowledge. In the book The Library: A World History, James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce take a look at the history and development of libraries through civilization. A huge attraction of the book happens to be these magnificent photographs of libraries by Will Pryce.

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They Meet at the Horizon: The Phone Booth Library

Phone booths are steadily going the way of the dodo, and where they do exist they stand merely as relics of an era gone by. While we hardly lament for the booths going away, the steady decline of readers in libraries and of readers anywhere is actually a matter of concern. New York based architect John Locke combined both relics and made a public library that fits into a phone booth.


Library has giant books for facade

Kansas City Public Library’s central branch parking garage speaks high volumes of the library itself. The facade is covered in gigantic “book spines” of popular classics like Lord of the Rings and Invisible Man. Each “book” measures approximately 25 feet by 9 feet and is made out of signboard mylar.

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A perfume that makes you smell like a library

Finding yourself inside the library is a rare thing these days, but for those who miss the scent of the library, there’s a chance to smell like one. “In the Library” perfumes would give you the same scent as what you’d expect to find in the library. Probably not a very good idea for a perfume, so we’d recommend sticking to the spray that makes e-readers smell like books.

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