Laser Gatling Gun Has a Purpose in Life it Won’t Share

As thoughts and philosophy go, I subscribe to the theory that everything has a purpose in life. In that belief, it would be okay to imagine that this laser gatling gun has a higher purpose than being a chunk of materials that throw light. Perhaps its true calling is the appearance of being a badass, and it wouldn’t be faring too poor in that department.

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Navy’s laser death ray sets ship on fire

The US Navy has been working to include lasers and ray guns in its arsenal, and a recent test shows they’ve been moving in the right direction. A solid state laser, the Maritime Laser Demonstrator was mounted aboard a decommissioned destroyer, the USS Paul Foster. A 15 kiloWatt beam was fired from the laser towards …

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DIY pulse laser gun

The marvels of DIY will continue to enthrall us, especially when its gems like this one. This DIY pulse laser gun is capable of generating one megawatt pulse of infrared light. With a range of approximately 3m, the gun can punch through a lazer blade or 5mm styrofoam. People, that’s the power of a megawatt of infrared light. Best of all, this is a compact package at 320mm long, and took Patrick 70 hours to complete.

Via: Hacked Gadgets, Dvice, Gizmodo

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Using lasers to pop popcorns [Video]

Lasers to pop popcorns, that’s how the cool kids do it these days. Or at least the cool kids with a hell lot of time on their hands, because popping a single kernel takes about a minute. It’s cool but we’re too impatient for this method. Via: Geekologie

Fade Out: Lasers create an image display

Fade Out is a visual display created using lasers to create glow-in-the-dark images. Generally, the laser is targeted on a screen created with photoluminescent paint. As the computer receives a digital image, it fires 405nm laser beams at the photoluminescent screen, creating pixels of glowing green light. The system may be used for entertainment and advertising, and is being tested for irregular surfaces, like human faces, which makes people look like zombies.

Via: PinkTentacle

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