GE Presents Its Vision of the Home of 2025

Planning for the future, GE imagines what appliances would be like in the year 2025, and of course that brings a good change to home appliances and the lifestyle changes that follow with the technology. Home 2025 design concepts from GE include appliances like a window mounted urban grill that throws the smoke outside. That’s also a perfect way to start the future because a future without grills would look pretty bleak.

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Halved Dinnerware Sends You Straight on a Diet

A lot of us imagine going on a diet, and then about as quickly give it up. We would guess any help would be welcome to make the dieting less excruciating, even if it is something as simple as reducing the cutlery size by half. The logic behind that idea is pretty simple, cut the dinnerware in half and the food intake automatically goes down. Well, as long as you don’t go for seconds, or thirds, or well, more.

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Samurai Kitchen Knives

The code of the warrior should not be forgotten in the kitchen. In a world where fruit ninjas abound, the Samurai definitely get to show their skills in the kitchen. Besides, being a kitchen samurai is so much better than being a regular person chopping veggies and crying over onions. Samurai don’t cry, not even for when chopping onions. The set of knives costs £39.95 ($61.3).

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Julius Caeser Knife Block

Stab poor Caesar repeatedly with the help of this cheeky knife block. Caesar was a badass, but Brutus took care of that long ago. Via AtlantaShakespeareCompany, CraziestGadgets

Vader and Stormtrooper Kitchen Spatulas

Breakfast and sci-fi, who wouldn’t want a piece of that. These Star Wars spatulas feature Darth Vader and Stormtrooper masks. The spatulas are made out of meltproof flexible nylon-silicone and a metal grip. Each piece costs $20. Via TrendHunter

Soria Mini Kitchen Keeps it all in a Small, Elegant Package

Making something go compact and elegant in one go is quite a formidable task. Portugese designer Vitor Xavier managed to get it all right with the Soria Mini Kitchen. He spent a lot of time in researching and designing for the tiny kitchen, and ultimately made one that is compact, and yet can handle all you would expect from a kitchen. It’s even got a tiny dinner table!

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Who Gives a Sh*t About Table Manners and Cutlery

Sometimes neanderthals will pop out, and demand for dinner. Those are not the times for bringing out the fine china and silverware. But then you can’t deny that person the goodness of a fine meal either. That would be a perfect setting for bringing out Martina Carpelan’s range of utensils. Titled “For Men with Hammers But No Manners” the set makes utensils take shape of common tools, apparently we men are better with those than with a spoon and fork.

Via B/D

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Kitchen souped up with the addition of Legos

You’ve to love this kitchen for its incredible use of Lego bricks. Designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti created the Munchausen Lego Kitchen, ostensibly with high doses of creativity and ingenuity. The kitchen used up more than 20,000 plastic bricks that took the designers a week to set up in the creative style we see it now. Adding to the feel, they also added a couple more Lego touches like the Lego chairs and Lego themed kitchen accessories.

Via: TheCoolHunter, Inhabitat

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