Kinect Enabled Mannequin Mimics Shoppers [video]

Window shoppers crossing Japanese clothing retailer United Arrows’ showroom in central Tokyo will have the pleasure to “play” with a mannequin that has been programmed to mimic the actions of viewers. Marionettebot, as it is called, uses a Kinect to copy movements, walk, move its hands, feet and even jump. 16 wires attached to various points on the robot body allow it to be controlled somewhat like a puppet and be an attraction for people on the street.

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Kinect Graffiti provides scrumptious feasts of eye candy

Kinect Graffiti project initially took off as a tool that made use of Microsoft Kinect’s camera for graffiti styles. As you can see, it can be a lot more, providing an endless dose of eye candy. Some creative use with this thing could go a long way. Via Core77

Kinect hack spawns the eye of Sauron

A Kinect and a spherical display is all you need to spawn your very own eye of Sauron. The spherical display takes the appearance of a giant eyeball, and as soon as a person walks close to the display, the eye pops open and follows the person around. It makes for quite a funky display, …

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Using the power of Kinect to help the visually impaired

Microsoft Kinect holds the distinction of being the fastest moving consumer electronics product, and it can be put to so many uses that we’ve lost count of the hacks and mods made using the gadget. Now, researchers at a German university have built a Kinect-based device that can be of help to the visually impaired. As of now, it is in the “proof of concept” stage, which is apparent given the clunky and unpolished looks of the gadget, but it does work fine. The device has been named NAVI, Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired.

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Meka humanoid robot goes on sale, will listen to master’s orders

Meka robotics has unveiled its fully working Meka M1 Mobile Manipulator, a humanoid robot that would find pleasure in working for humans. It has functional arms, hands and an omnidirectional wheelbase. The head of the robot happens to have the Microsoft Kinect sensor, which we’ll say has proved to be quite useful. Anyhoo, the standard …

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3D music video made with Kinect ‘Hack’

Lovely as the Microsoft Kinect is, in lending itself to hacks that can be quite enjoyable, it apparently is a great tool for creating music videos as well. Munich-based disco-house funkateer, Moullinex used the Kinect to create a video for the track Catalina. They made use of Kinect and a 3D capture script, Processing and …

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Kinect controls Gundam mech

The bot you see here is a V-sido humanoid robot, dressed to look like Gundam, because, well Gundam is way better than a Sido. Meanwhile, with the magic of Microsoft Kinect the humanoid has been made to do quite some interesting feats, like swiveling its torso and balancing on one leg. The Kinect just gets …

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Gamer uses Kinect to play Super Mario Bros

It’s raining Kinect hacks these days. Shigeru Miyamoto made use of OpenKinect drivers and Nintendo emulation to get to play Mario on Kinect. Miyamoto says, “I programmed it to recognize my motions and passed the virtual button presses to the NES emulator. I could have placed a simulated keypad right in front of me that …

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Kinect’s beams viewed through IR goggles

Microsoft Kinect tracks movements of the players through IR beams. RumblePackNZ, a gamer from New Zealand decided to put his IR goggles to good use, and had a look at the Kinect’s IR beams. What he saw was numerous dots from the Kinect covering the entire room, making motion detection possible. Via: Pocket-Lint