The Star Wars engagement rings of love

Let me make this easier for you. You want these rings. Well, it’s C3PO and R2D2 for engagement rings, but they make quite a combo. If this doesn’t suit your taste, there’s always the classic I Love You, I Know rings to want. Via JuanHidalgo Jewels [Product Page], GAS

Rings Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

Elsa and Anna can now have their very own, and very expensive jewelry and rings inspired by their characters in Disney’s Frozen. The rings were designed by frozen-cakeartist based off Elsa and Anna’s colors and style in the film, and include engravings on the inside of the rings. Flamenco Ring is available for $985, while …

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Silver and 14k Gold Humping Dinosaur Chain

Necklaces by Onch Movement have a very special pendant. Dinosaurs knew love, and they knew humping, and that’s exactly what they are doing in these pendant necklaces. Lucky Bones necklace has a chain topped by a pendant of humping dinosaurs. The necklaces are hand cast and plated in either 14k gold or silver. The gold version is priced at $230, or exactly the amount I’m willing to pay to tie an image of humping dinosaurs around my neck.

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Wearable, 3D Printed Translucent Jewelry With Plants

Once you get good with 3D printing, you could make anything. Like making tiny planters with plants in them, and then using said planters in jewelry and accessories. It seriously looks great. The planters are watertight so you don’t get droplets from the plant you’re wearing. Several of the planters are also translucent and the barely visible roots give them quite a pattern. Intended for use with succulents, small flowers, and sprouts, they are available at Etsy shop A Wearable Planter.

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Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Ring

If unique is what you’re looking for in jewelry, dinosaur bone and meteorite rings seem very willing for duty. Made by Johan Rust, these rings have dinosaur bone and meteorite as components, often matched with some precious metal to give the ring shape and structure. Gibeon meteorite that fell on Earth in the pre-historic age and has several pieces available forms one part of the charm of the ring, while the other comes from the dinosaur fossils and bones in the Morrison formation.

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